Filmmaker Shows How You Can Make Movies On A Budget, Video Goes Viral

Film making is an illusion that makes you believe that Batman goes from fighting guys in hockey pads to becoming the Dark Knight in a span of 3 hours or so. And doing that requires years of planning, months of practice and some more months of actual shooting. But you can do all that when you’ve a ton of money.

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However, when you’re on a budget, even someone like Christopher Nolan has to shoot on weekends with non-actors who’ve to attend their regular jobs (I’m talking about Following). And since that problem still prevails, modern filmmakers have to come up with some clever hacks.

One of the most famous (and most difficult) kinds of takes that every director and cinematographer wants to attempt is the one-take. Because if it’s done right, it becomes the highlight of the movie. And one filmmaker (on a budget) came up with a very neat idea to do it.

Most one-takes take a lot of man-power and precision. That’s because if anything goes wrong, the entire set has to be reset and re-shot from the beginning because it’s a one take. There can’t be any cuts in between.

However, this filmmaker, Vincent Laforet (a Swiss-American director and photographer), stripped down all of that and put his cameraman on roller blades. He followed the cab, which stopped right in front of the actor. And after a little bit of information was conveyed, he turned at the corner bringing the little one-take to an end.

Netizens were impressed by the creativity of this filmmaker and expressed their amazement in various ways.

You might be wondering that that looks like an expensive camera. But it’s probably rented because all equipment are. So, don’t turn that into an excuse. Even if your shot’s a little shaky, nobody will be complaining. Just wrap a pair of roller blades on your feet and get shooting.