Meet Tapsi Upadhyay, A 21-YO BTech Graduate In Delhi Who Runs Her Own Panipuri Stall

Tapsi Upadhyay is a 21-year-old woman living in Delhi. She is a BTech graduate. Unlike most engineering graduates who pursue an MBA or get a corporate job after graduation, Tapsi is paving for herself an entirely different path.

Surprising everyone, she runs a panipuri stall in Tilak Nagar. But she is not your regular panipuri seller. She rides a bike towing her food cart to reach her destination, her panipuris are air-fried and not made with maida and the filling and water are made with immense care using healthy items like dates, jaggery and imli.


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The name of her business venture is BTech Pani Puri Wali and she markets herself well on social media. She has an Instagram account where there are videos of other people’s reactions and reviews and memes to lighten one’s soul.

Being an educated woman who chose to sell food on the busy streets of Delhi, she did have to face a lot of judgement from society. People told her things like “This is not a woman’s job” and “Go home and help with household chores”. But she didn’t budge from doing her job.

In an interview, Tapsi revealed that it took her 7-8 months of research, preparations and multiple failures to come up with a solid plan and product for the business. She also claimed that she had to do this all by herself.

Not just Tapsi but there are many other college graduates who started their own street food and chai businesses and managed to turn their lives around. A lot of people might think that working a regular job is more respectable, but we think it takes courage and a smart mind to start a business and make it flourish.

Kudos to Tapsi for following her heart!

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