“I Want To Give Better Life To My Parents,” Fruit Seller’s Daughter Tops Bihar Class 12 Boards

The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) declared Class 12 results yesterday and the state topper (Science stream) is a 17-year-old student named Sonali Kumari. She scored 94.20% (471 out of 500) after beating all odds through sheer perseverance. According to DNA India, Sonali’s father Chunni Lal sells fruit on a cart near the Bihar Sharif Bus stand. TOI quoted her saying,

“I studied more than 12 hours per day amid the lockdown. I prepared a lesson plan and rigorously followed it throughout the year. On some days, I woke up till 3 am to cover all the topics. Online lectures and textbooks have helped me a lot to secure the top position.”

HT quoted her adding,

“Scoring the best marks in intermediate is not my final goal. I want to complete higher studies from a reputed college and crack the UPSC exam. I want to give a better life to my parents as a reward for their sacrifice and extreme hard work. I just hope our financial crisis doesn’t obstruct me from flying high in the future.”

Her proud father was quoted saying,

“I sell fruit on the handcart and my wife Savitri Devi prepares channa and sattu to earn a living. We want to give good education to all our three kids so that they can excel in their field.”

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Recalling the difficulties he faced during the lockdown he added,

“After Covid-19 outbreak, my daily earning slashed which created a huge financial crisis. Income was negligible during the initial phase of lockdown. Braving adverse conditions, I managed to bear the expense of all three children. I also gave a smartphone to my daughters so that they can study online. There is no pressure from my side to pursue any particular career. We will support her in her choice of career. Her success has brought a good name to my family which is a big achievement for me.”

Congratulations Sonali! We wish you all the best in all your future endeavours.

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