16 Things A Girl Experiences When Her Brother Gets Married

An elder brother is the first male friend every girl has. He is like a father figure in times of crises, a true friend in times of happiness and a full time brother you can always look up to.

Attending a wedding is always fun and exciting. Attending a brother’s wedding is a different story.
There are many reasons backing your excitement and no one can stop you from jumping with joy until the day finally arrives. The best part about watching your brother get married is to be assured that no make-up spoilers are expected. The joy of adding a new member to your family and finding a friend in your sister-in-law, is one of the best gifts your brother can ever give.

Here are the things every girl experiences during her brother’s wedding.

1. Willingly take responsibility to plan the perfect wedding

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Suddenly you feel like a mature sister planning the most perfect wedding.


2. Sometimes you feel you’re more enthusiastic than your brother to plan this wedding

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Family asks you to go slow.


3. Your brother gives you complete responsibility of selecting invitation cards and deciding on flower arrangements

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He trusts your choice blindly.


4. Plan a pre-wedding party and invite all your brother’s friends

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You know all your brother’s friend and you know what exactly they want.


5. You plan a sangeet and make your entire family dance on happy songs

5 Sangeet
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Hum ladki walon se kam nahi 😉


6. Research online and go to stores to check out the perfect groom wear

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Cuz you want your brother to look perfect.


7. Along with that you also end up on sites and in stores that offer designer lehengas

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Start day dreaming about your look in your own wedding.


8. You end up shopping more for yourself than your brother in his wedding

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Dulhe ki behen pataka lagni chahiye.


9. You know you have all the rights to look the prettiest girl from your brother’s side

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Mere bhai ki shaadi hai.


10. Feel shy and embarrassed when people ask, ‘Ab tumhara number kab aayega’?

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Just because I look mature in this Indian outfit doesn’t mean I am ready to get married. 😉


11. You make sure that the girl’s side never find your brother’s shoes

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Plot in advance with your cousins to hide away your brother’s shoes smartly.


12. Dance in the baraat like there is no tomorrow

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Controlling your happy emotions are beyond your control.


13. Plan embarrassing games for your brother and sister-in-law to play, when they enter home together the first time as man and wife

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*Bollywood giggles*


14. Decorate your brother’s bedroom for his special night

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Also make sure that he bought a first night gift for your bhaabi


15. Take an oath to break the stereotypical view of Bhaabi-Nanand ka badnaam rishta

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Cuz having a Bhaabi at home is like living with a best friend 24×7.


16. Suddenly you realize, your brother is not that stupid guy you fought with as kids anymore

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He is now a married and responsible man.

Cheers to all the girls who are excited to plan their brother’s wedding. Sisters who have already done and felt all the above things and brothers who have amazing sisters like these.

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