Guy Gifts Brother ₹5K So He Learns About Finance, Twitter Asks ‘Aisa Bhai Kaha Milta Hai?’


My expectation from my elder brother is so low that the only thing that I wish for on my birthday is for him to be civil around me. That’s it. And I’m sure people with siblings can relate.

So when one guy sent Rs 5,000 as a gift to his cousin brother on his 18th birthday, I was flabbergasted. I thought, does god have a separate manufacturing unit for nice brothers?

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The guy took to Twitter to reveal that the first thing his younger cousin did on turning 18 was to apply for a PAN card so that he could invest in the market. Hence, he gifted him some money.

People online have just one question, “Where do we sign up to become your cousin?”

A few others shared their responsible-thing-I-did-on-turning-18 stories. Have a look:


Dear brother, if you are reading this, LEARN SOMETHING!

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