Food Delivery Guy Tries To Do ‘Hi, Hello Dear’ With Woman On Text, Gets Blasted By Her Brother

I have an elder brother who is 7 years older than me. He not only was brilliant in academics but also played football. People from our neighbouring localities knew who he was and my identity was strongly linked to his. I was ‘his sister’. This means that I rarely had to worry about my safety. Half of the guys were scared of the idea of approaching me. The other half had to deal with a handful if they ever did. But that is how brothers and fathers of girls generally are – free bodyguards.

For example, one woman took to Twitter to share how a food delivery executive started messaging her and her brother blasted him on text, so much so that the delivery guy apologized multiple times and swore never to contact unknown women.

“My brother’s number is linked to my Food Panda acc so I went to get the food and the rider texted my brother thinking it’s my number and my brother unleashed hell,” she wrote.

Have a look at the screenshots here:

Here’s a look at her tweets:

People online couldn’t get over how quickly the delivery guy changed his tone and started to beg for forgiveness from her brother. “Mene aaj k bad sab khatam kiya,” he said and now people are gasping! 😛

What a blessing it is to have a brother! 😀

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