Can You Pass This Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz With 100% Accuracy?

Whether you’re bingeing the show for the first time or patiently waiting for the last season, if you’re a true Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan like me, you too can never get enough of the show. Take this trivia quiz to not only re-live your favourite moments of the sitcom, but also prove whether you are the ultimate human/genius.

1. What number is the precinct in the show?

2. How many brothers does Amy have?

3. What is Jake’s favorite movie?

4. Which character Rosa has NOT dated?

5. What is Terry’s favourite yoghurt flavour?

6. Who is the Pontiac Bandit?

7. Which two members of the precinct had their parents marry each other?

8. What is the name of Captain Holt’s dog?

9. When did Jake propose to Amy?

10. What interrupted Jake & Amy’s wedding?

11. What’s the name of Charles’ adopted son?

12. Who is Jake’s favourite artist based on his lie-detector test?

Image Source: YouTube

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