“We Considered Him Our Child” Man Installs Bronze Statue Of His Dog On Its Death Anniversary

Few sorrows in life rival the loss of a beloved pet. The loyalty, selfless love and companionship that animals willingly bestow upon us are some of the best things about bringing home a furry pal. Perhaps that’s why a puppy got a desi swagat from his pet parents with a traditional aarti and tilak.

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And a family welcomed their cow into their new home with an adorable grihapravesh! It appears Sunkara Jnana Prakasa Rao from Andhra Pradesh subscribes to precisely this ideology as he went to great lengths to keep the memory of his departed doggo alive.

The man sadly lost his canine five years back after Rao and his family had groomed and loved the dog for over 9 years, reports IE. He then erected a bronze statue of the dog to honour his memory on the pooch’s fifth death anniversary. The family that lives in Krishna district of the state unveiled the statue on Thursday.

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“We considered this animal as our own child. We brought up this animal for many years. It had been cooperative and loyal throughout its life. We are observing the fifth death anniversary today as it is our responsibility,” Rao reportedly said. 

Rao’s family has observed the pet’s death anniversary annually by performing all rituals. They also hosted a lunch for villagers and offered special prayers for their beloved companion earlier this week.

Our pets deserve the very best from us, don’t they?

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