Girl Transforms Her Broken Mirror Into A Disney Painting, See Pics

As people across the world continue to self-quarantine and practice social-distancing, the easiest way to pass the time is by feeding one’s talents which may have been ignored for so long. So many of us have left painting, dancing, making music, etc. just because we have several other responsibilities on our shoulder. However, now with abundant time on our hands, we can revisit some of our earlier interests.

Like, for example, this woman turned her broken mirror into a beautiful painting inspired by the Disney movie ‘Tangled’. She went on to post before-after pictures of the mirror on twitter -on her 15th day of quarantine.

Here’s how the mirror looked like before:

Here’s how the broken mirror looked after! Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Have a look at her tweet here:

People on the internet are lauding the girl’s talent. Some revealed how there is more than one Disney element in the painting. Have a look:

While there is a lot of panic surrounding us amidst the pandemic, doing things we are truly passionate about have the ability to calm us down. So, stay indoors and feed your passion!

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