Held In Bihar By 2 Men Brit Couple Jumped In Ganga To Save Wife From Being Sexually Assaulted

India is a diverse country and one of the many sources of income that make the country sustainable is tourism. Tourists have always been intrigued by India’s diversity and often visit the country to familiarise themselves with the rich culture of the country.

However, the tourism industry in the country took a hit recently, when a Swiss couple was assaulted in Fatehpur Sikri, near Agra by goons who claimed that they attacked the couple in the heat of the moment. Just as we were recovering from the incident, another case of a foreign couple held hostage has surfaced.

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The incident occurred on November 5th, in Pandarak district in Patna, Bihar when the British couple jumped into the Ganges to save the woman from being sexually assaulted.

According to the Daily Mail, Matt Kidd (30) and his wife Jessica (28), travelling the country on their ‘dream world tour’, were kayaking down the Ganges and stopped at an isolated island to pitch their tent when they were attacked by two armed men.

The couple tried to bargain with the men with money and their mobile phones but decided to take the route of escape after the men threatened to sexually assault Jessica.

Recalling his harrowing experience up to the point where they were forced to risk their lives to protect themselves, Matt Kidd said,

“We were camping and had some food when we were approached by two men who started to threaten us for one hour and he had a gun pointed at us. We managed to escape by running into the water with our boat.

I was in the water swimming and we got across to the village where the public phoned the police. The youngsters tried to loot us and behaved violently with my wife.”

The couple escaped the goons and reached the nearby village where they sought help of the locals and together, registered a complaint in the Pandarak police station. However, by the time the police reached the area, the accused had fled.

The police did not give up and immediately swung into action owing to which they arrested the accused Chhattu Mahanta and Baija Kumar, both 22, in two hours. The police have initiated a probe and are trying to get a speedy trial.

The law and order with regards to tourists as well as the common man in the country has to be stricter for these incidents to not occur anymore. Owing to a few bad fish, the tourism industry of the country may be greatly affected if proper measures are not taken.