Australian Journos Think The British Should Come Back To Handle ‘Struggling’ India, Watch

Talk about news anchors and you will find several clips of them talking about things that sometimes make no sense. Earlier, desis schooled a US anchor about British Colonization because he thought it did good to India.

Well, here are two other journalists from Australia who not just favor colonization but think that the British Raj should come back.

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A video tweeted by ‘Australians for a Murdoch Royal Commission’ shows Murdoch’s commentators discussing British colonialism after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The two male speakers, James Morrow and Rowan Dean who work for ‘Daily Telegraph’ and ‘Financial Review’, respectively, made some vile comments that irked many online.

James goes on to say that “decolonization was a bigger disaster for so many countries around the world. It led to so much bloodshed, violence, all sorts of chaos that the empire didn’t cause.”

Adding to this, Rowan says, “It drives me nuts that we educate people that the empire was bad. I am all for it. Let’s start a new movement – bring back the British empire.”

“You look at countries like Zimbabwe, in Africa like Uganda where the decolonization had disastrous results. You look at India and Pakistan which have struggled since the colonial era.”

He added, “It’s fine to say that there were bad things that happened. But look at the rule of law, and the establishment, and look at the opposite that has happened since the British empire withdrew.”

James wasn’t done yet. He goes on to say, “The British empire was a great engine of civilization. And if you look at other empires, no other European power created so many successful successor states to the empire.”


Twitter obviously had a lot to say about their controversial statements. This is how they gave these journos a piece of their minds:

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I think Twitter has already summed up (in their own language) what I wanted to say to these gentlemen.

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