China Rebuilt A Bridge In Just 36 Hours. This Timelapse Video Will Leave You Amazed.

Chinese engineers have not only accomplished something amazing but also proved that you need decades to finish a construction. In a recent time-lapse video shared by CCTV America that came into light, the Sanyuan Bridge in Beijing is shown to be rebuilt in a mind-blowing 36 hours only. Just 36 hours!

The 1,300-tonne bridge was torn down and reconstructed in a mere 36 hours. The beams which were worn out due to the wear and tear and regular use. The beams which needed ‘re-fitting’ was originally supposed to be done withing 24 hours, was delayed to 36 hours and still managed to create a record.

The bridge that is used by around 2,00,000 vehicles will be ready to open to the public within 48 hours after the reconstruction.

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This is so cool, right?

News Source: Dailymail UK,

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