Bride Tested For Virginity & Pregnancy Minutes After Marriage By Husband Without Her Knowledge

We would think that times have changed, but we still live in a society where a woman having sex before marriage is considered shameful. There are still countless incidents happening frequently where an Indian groom searches for a “virgin” bride or breaks off a marriage after finding out that the bride isn’t a virgin.

A woman from North Karnataka was allegedly made to undergo virginity and pregnancy tests by her spouse against her knowledge, after the wedding.

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The bride, having been unwell due to gastritis, vomited minutes after the ceremony making her “fidelity” apparently questionable by her in-laws.

The groom then took her to the hospital and had her tested for pregnancy and virginity and not for gastritis.

Aparna Purnesh, a counsellor attached to the Bengaluru city police said, “She signed the consent forms without looking into the details. She got to know about the tests only when they were almost done.”

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The 29-year old groom met the 26-year old bride (both unnamed) online on a matrimonial website. Both are MBA graduates working in reputed firms.

Just 15 days before the wedding, the bride lost her mother to cancer making her seep into depression.

However, the groom misconstrued the situation, thinking that she was unhappy because of their marriage.

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According to sources, the bride also spoke to one of her friends belonging from her hometown who supported her, and even this was seen in a bad light by the groom.

The woman has filed a complaint against the man on charges of harassment and suspecting her fidelity.

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For generations, a woman’s worth has been decided by society based solely on her body. It’s either her looks, shape, colour or her virginity which deems her to be a woman of good or questionable character.

It’s high time we normalise the notion of a woman having and enjoying sex and start questioning and unlearning the various social taboos which are nothing but regressive to the core.

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