Bride Plays Kabaddi On Stage During Jaimala Ceremony, Groom Chases Her, Watch Video

Desi weddings can be a whole lot of fun with a spate of exciting ceremonies from the sangeet to ‘joota chupai’. In fact, a lot of couples inject a bit of thrill into their jaimala ceremony by letting friends help them avoid getting a varmala around their neck. In a recent wedding video a bride seems to do precisely this.

She appears to be playing kabaddi with her dulha during the varmala ceremony.  Take a look at the video-

The video shows the bride and the groom on stage for the jaimala ceremony with garlands in their hands. The bride puts the garland around dulhe raja’s neck swiftly. But the groom task isn’t as easy. Just as the groom gears up to put the garland around the bride’s neck, she dodges him.

In a few seconds she outright starts running around the stage while he tries to chase her. The visuals resemble a game of ‘kabaddi’. Eventually, it is the groom’s mates who help him put the garland around the bride’s neck, reports DNA.

Here’s how people reacted to the video of the hilariously executed ritual-

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Would you inject such tomfoolery and mischief into your wedding?

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