Bride & Groom Arrested With 50 Guests For Hosting A Wedding During Lockdown


People across the world have been taken to task for violating lockdown protocols and no one is spared. Earlier, NZ Health Minister was demoted for driving family to the beach during the lockdown. Even though, people in India have been advised to adhere to the social distancing norms, around 200 people visited Maharashtra MLA’s home to get free ration on his birthday.

Like several other countries, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the lockdown. However, people were seen flouting the lockdown rules. And as a result, a bride, her groom and their wedding guests were arrested for violating rules and attending the wedding amidst lockdown, reports Daily Mail.

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As reported by BBC, Jabulani Zulu, 48, and his bride Nomthandazo Mkhize, 38 got married moments before the cops interrupted their celebration. The cops then arrested them for flouting laws under South Africa’s Disaster Management Act.

Several pictures were shared online in which the groom was seen escorting his bride to the police car along with their priest and 40 wedding guests. Interestingly, a person from the public had called the police and reported about the party.

“Well, I think the whole nation is aware. But people are still trying to take chances not realising the seriousness of this virus.”

“For now, I don’t think they can have any reasonable explanation to be continuing with that wedding.”

“We will be interviewing each one individually and the charges will be put to them,” said police spokesman Vish Naidoo. They were, however, released on a bail of R1,000 each (Rs 4,100 approx.).

The mayor of uMhlathuze, Mduduzi Mhlongo, where the wedding took place also released a statement criticizing the violators.

“We arrested 50 people at an illegal wedding at eNseleni. We also arrested a pastor who was officiating at the ceremony and all those who were in attendance.”

“We want to make an appeal to our people to listen to what the government is saying. The number of people infected with the coronavirus is increasing and that is why it is so important for people to stay at home.”

“We commend those who have listened to the instructions,” he added. The wedding party is to be charged in court, reported Republic TV.

South Africa has more than 1,700 coronavirus cases, says a report by NDTV. We urge people to have patience and support the governments in eradicating the virus completely.

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