Wedding Photoshoot Gone Wrong! Bride Falls To The Ground After Groom Twirls Her Around

People do so many kinds of things nowadays before, during and after wedding festivities. Especially when it comes to photoshoots, there’s an engagement shoot, a pre-wedding shoot, a pre-wedding video, and a safe-the-date photo series. Then comes the wedding and there are different photo albums for different functions, a wedding teaser, a wedding trailer and finally a wedding video. After a certain point, doesn’t it get annoying for other people to scroll through the barrage of pictures of the bride and groom on social media? 😛

However, in a wedding photoshoot gone completely wrong, the groom twirls the bride around after which she falls down on the ground in her shaadi ka joda. This was even before the wedding rituals took place!



Have a look at the video here:

It’s safe to say that people had the most hilarious reactions to this wedding video! Here’s what some of them said:

This is not the kind of wedding memory that couples want! 😛

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