Bride Dancing At Her OWN Wedding Gets Shamed By People Online, Desis Slam Them

You know, in a patriarchal society such as ours, most people do not like women. They like certain ideas associated with women. They don’t like mothers, they like the idea of an ideal and sacrificing mother. They don’t like daughters, they like the idea of a devoted daughter. They don’t like wives, they like the idea of an uncomplaining and chaste wife. The minute a girl or a woman steps outside this idea and begins to do things that don’t fit this ideal, they are stigmatized, ostracized, ridiculed, and punished.

Allow me to give a simple example. An Indian bride is expected to be coy and silent, putting her head down, filled with laaj, sharam and lihaaz at her wedding. The minute people find her laughing, enjoying and god forbid dancing at her OWN wedding, they collectively lose their calm.

A video of a happy bride dancing at her own wedding in front of her husband, who seems happy too, went viral on Twitter and immediately, there was a section of people who started to shame her. They called her “shameless” and some even went to the extent of calling her dance “mujra”.

But thankfully, there was another section of people who slammed such a regressive mentality. The bride isn’t doing something illegal, she isn’t doing something that’s hurting anybody, and her husband doesn’t seem to have a problem, so what is your problem, bhai?

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Half of the world’s problems would resolve if people could just be happy and respectful of other people’s happiness.

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