Bride Calls Off Wedding After Groom’s Side Fails To Meet Her Last-Minute Dowry Demand

You may think that dowry, which is an illegal and punishable offence in India, is only practised by men and women are the victims. But that’s not true. In many parts of the country, families of brides demand hefty dowry from the groom’s side, sometimes putting them through a massive financial crisis.

Here’s an example. A woman in Hyderabad called off her wedding after the groom’s family failed to meet her last-minute dowry expectations. The groom’s side had already given her Rs 2 lakh but she wanted more.

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According to TOI, the bride is a native of Aswaraopet village in Bhadradri Kothagudem and the wedding was to take place at Ghatkesar. The venue was abuzz with guests and the timing for the rituals was passing. But the bride did not show up for the wedding.

Upon her absence, the groom and his family rushed to the hotel where the bride and her family were staying. When they asked for an explanation, the bride said she wanted more dowry. It was then that the groom and his family went to the police.

The police called both families to discuss the issue. After their intervention, both families called off the wedding. The bride’s side was forced to return Rs 2 lakh which they had earlier taken from the groom.

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“No complaint was lodged and no one booked. It turned out the bride was not interested in the marriage, so she tossed up a demand for more dowry and didn’t turn up at the mandap,” a police officer said.

The bride and groom belonged to a tribe where the practice of “reverse dowry” is prevalent. Such regressive practices should have no place in modern society!

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