Groom Slaps Bride For Refusing To Marry Him After He Performs ‘Nagin Dance’ In Drunken Stupor

Nagin Dance and Indian weddings go hand in hand! No matter how sophisticated the families are, every wedding has a person who breaks into Nagin dance with another person sometimes with a handkerchief in his mouth.

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But the super entertaining Nagin dance just wreaked havoc on a wedding in Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh. News 18 reports that as the groom’s ‘Baarat’ arrived at the wedding venue, his friends pulled him to the dance floor. But the bride’s family reportedly asked him to get off the dance floor. The groom, who was apparently drunk, denied and started misbehaving with the bride’s family.

Later on, after the ‘varmala’ (garland exchange ceremony) the super excited groom walked towards the dance floor and broke into a ‘Nagin dance’. He reportedly even fell on the floor while dancing!

The bride, who was observing the groom’s behavior since the beginning could not take it anymore and immediately called off the wedding. The groom’s family, however, tried to convince her but all in vain. The bride refrained from changing her mind.

“The groom was inebriated and didn’t care about anybody during the ceremony. All the pre-wedding ceremonies were complete and whatever happened was just not acceptable. We all are hurt after my sister decided to call off the marriage but we still stood by her decision despite of community pressure because we know that she has taken a right decision,” the bride’s brother reportedly said.

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Furious with the bride’s decision, the groom allegedly slapped her, reports TOI. Cops were called but none of the families filed a complaint after the groom’s family promised to return all the gifts given to them by the bride’s family. They also agreed to pay the expenses of marriage and food to the bride’s family.

“After receiving a complaint, we immediately arrived at the spot but both the families decided to mutually resolve this issue on the advice of senior community members. The groom has given in writing that they would return the gifts by November 14 and bear the expenses,” SI Singh, a police official reportedly said.

So beware, if you are planning to hit the dance floor with your killer Nagin moves on your D-day or maybe get it approved from your bride beforehand! Also, resorting to violence and physically abusing women be it on the wedding day or any other day can never be justified.

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