Bizarre Wedding Features Bride in Bikini, Rolling In Mud With Groom After Saying Vows In A Pickup Truck

Nowadays, weddings have become a much bigger and grander deal than what they were 10 years back. People are no longer impressed by the usual wedding ideas. They want their special day to be different, innovative, and something that resonates with their own personality.

A couple from Florida has set a new bar for innovative weddings. Ahrielle and Jeremy Biddle’s special day included a pick-up truck, a bikini, denim overalls, and…mud!

The bride ditched the traditional wedding gown for a white bikini with ruffles and the groom was seen in denim overalls.

Complimenting the couple was the marriage officiant who was dressed in a similar fashion, wearing dungarees with a neon green t-shirt.

The two said their wedding vows standing on a pickup truck with a makeshift, flower-decorated canopy above them. But for them, this wasn’t bizarre enough.

After saying “I do”, the groom picked up the bride and carried her to a nearby ground filled with mud to begin the celebrations as newly-weds with a nice splash!

Photos and videos of their unusual nuptials have gone viral and people are giving this muddy wedding a big thumbs-up!

Ahrielle Biddle Jeremy Biddle

Posted by John Snipes on Monday, March 25, 2019

The couple has also set up a GoFund Me page where people who loved their wedding are free to contribute a small amount to fund their honeymoon.

Clearly, the two have taken the phrase “marry someone you can be weird with” a bit too seriously!

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