Bride’s Refusal To Enter Venue Till DJ Plays Her Ideal Entry Song Sparks Debate Online

Indian weddings can be quite melodramatic events. Remember when a bride called off her wedding because the groom couldn’t recite 2 times table? Then there was the groom who slapped the bride because she refused to wed him after he drunkenly danced to the naagin song.

More recently, a video of a bride vehemently refusing to walk down the aisle under the phoolon ki chadar has surfaced online. Her only request was that the DJ play her favourite song while she walks up to the groom.

While the situation seemed amusing and endearing to many, there were some who were not amused and instead, took offence to it. Many people online trolled the bride and called her bridezilla, some even blamed her for causing a scene over what they termed a ‘trivial issue’. Some even hoped the groom would flee, take a look-

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However, there were others who sided with the bride and reasoned that it was okay for her to want things her way on her big day.

What do you think of this incident? Tell us.

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