From Marriage Proposals To Land, Students Write Bribe Notes For Examiners In UP 2019 Boards

Uttar Pradesh board of education has always been a topic of trolls and controversies. All thanks to their poor means of strictness during examinations which often lead to several malpractices. From sitting with an open book during boards to impersonators, UP board exams always hit the headlines, mostly for all wrong reasons.

This year, the state, however, adopted more strict rules for class 10 and 12 board examinations. CCTV cameras, voice recorders and static magistrates were installed to maintain the fair conduct during exams. But, students still had their ‘Plan B’ on!

Some of them wrote notes offering their property or land or even a marriage proposal instead of answers in their board exam, reported Amar Ujala. We guarantee you will have a really fun time reading the hilarious bribe notes by the creative students. “Pass Me, and I’ll give you my land,” wrote a student instead of writing answers.

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One wrote, “pass me in the board exam and be my brother-in-law or else I will be your brother-in-law,” while another writes, “give us a passing mark because the government pays you.”

Not just this but a student also offered his property to the examiner if gives him passing marks. Another one wrote ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ in the answer sheet.

A similar bizarre case during boards made news last year where a student drew a hear with an arrow with name “Pooja” inside it. He wrote, “Sir, iss love story ne padhai se door kar diya. Nahi toh maine high school tak khoob padhai ki,” (Sir, this love story distracted me from my studies. Otherwise, I used to study a lot until high school.)

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Another student tried his hand at some ’emotional atyachaar’ and wrote, “Sir meri maa nahi hai, mere papa mujhe maar dalenge”. (“I don’t have a mother. My father will kill me.”)

While a few of them had brazenly glued some cash on the answer sheet as well.

No matter how seriously the board exam must be taken, but these hilariously creative bribe notes are LIT! My laughter dose for the day is done, how about yours?