We Asked People To Send Their Break-Up Reasons And Got These Relatable AF Answers!

We, humans, have a tendency of finding a reason behind everything that happens. After all, everything happens for a reason, they say.

The same stands true even for break-ups. Relationships are a task in itself, and some are forged forever, while some stay for fleeting moments. Those that don’t last long, there’s a reason behind that. Ain’t there?

While humming Charlie Puth’s ‘We don’t talk anymore’, I realised that it’s one of the major reasons people break-up. Because over time, things change. People change.


Hence, we asked our readers to send us their break-up reasons. And, here they are!

1. Umm, this seems quite twisted to us.


2. Like I said, people change.


3. Well, well, well! When they have nothing else to say.


4. And, this is the MOST stereotypical reason, pointed to us by our Facebook fan.


5. That’s deep! Like, really!


6. Good enough reason to break-up with some greedy lover like that!


7. Now, that’s honest!


8. Totally legit, mahn! Like, I agree! Pizza territory shouldn’t be crossed at any cost.

Did your reason make it to the list? Didn’t? Oh, you can still send us your break-up reason. Who knows, in the next one yours would be there?!