15 Ways Your Life Changes When You Break Up With A Long Time Partner

The more you get used to someone’s presence in your life, the harder it is for you to part from them. Be it friends or lovers, it hurts the same. While being in a long term relationship is wonderful, the repercussions of that relationship bending are pretty bad. It’s a given that things change, and they change a lot. Here are the ways your life changes when you break up with a long term partner and enter the cruel world of singledom:

1. You have pretty much lost track of how the single life is supposed to be lived

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It’s like you had been living under a comfortable rock for a long, long time.


2. Activities that you would do together, now you have to do all alone

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Shopping, going for movies, and all that.


3. Decisions start going from ‘we’ to ‘me’, and it takes some getting used to

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That is literally the hardest one of all.


4. You’re always transported a little into the past when you come across something they liked or disliked

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“He would’ve totally bought this shirt.”


5. Out of habit, you end up keeping a few things your significant other would like in your house

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Their favourite ice cream or a DVD of their favourite film.


6. You have to start getting used to getting shocked reactions from people over not being a couple anymore

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Yes, guys, it happened. And I’m okay.


7. And common friends, if you have any, have to accustom themselves to seeing you two as singles

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And sometimes, those friendships fade too.


8. Not to mention all the sympathetic looks, questions, and advice you have to endure

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Whether or not you asked for it, you’ll get it.


9.¬†Because you’ve been so dangerously out of touch, going out on a date seems like an alien thing to you

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How the hell do I do this?


10. Deleting their number from your phone seems pretty pointless

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Since you remember their number by heart. Nonetheless, it’s like a break-up ritual and you do it anyway.


11. Social media comes to haunt you a little bit because of the pictures/status updates/check-ins that are prevalent on your timeline

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And it’s the matter of you wanting to keep the memories or not. *hits delete*


12. Suddenly, weekend plans aren’t the same anymore

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And the newness is all a little overwhelming.


13. But, every new thing you experience as a single person is refreshing

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You start finding comfort in being alone.


14. And you start getting in touch with different hobbies

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They’re the most random things that make you happy.


15. And even though you’re working on fixing yourself, the process doesn’t seem all that bad

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Somehow, you take pride in the fact that you’re not a ‘we’ anymore. You can be you, and you can be anything.

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