Bride Accidentally Burns Her Butt, Then Tries To Drink The Pain Away On Her Wedding Day!

There is a very popular saying that goes something like this – Alcohol might not solve your problems, but it definitely helps you forget them. And if there is someone who took the phrase a bit too seriously, it is a bride-to-be who held a destination wedding at a resort on the coast.

Yes, according to a story posted by Reddit user MamaFreethinker, a bride tried to forget her third-degree burn and enjoy the most important day of her life by consuming a huge amount of alcohol. While that actually worked for her, she also made the day really memorable (read: awkward) for the guests.

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It all started when the bride got inebriated even before the start of her wedding reception and leaned on a smoking hot BBQ grill. And guess what? She was in her swimsuit bottoms which melted instantly giving her a third-degree burn.

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“At the bachelorette party the previous weekend, the bride-to-be became so drunk that she leaned on a hot BBQ grill in nothing but swimsuit bottoms which melted and continued to burn her after she realized her mistake. So she had a 3rd degree burn on her ass.”

These type of burns are also known as the “full thickness” burns and happen to be one of the most serious types of these injuries. Though they take a long time to heal, the bride wasn’t letting the wound ruin her wedding!

In a bid to enjoy the fullest, she got highly intoxicated once again. Now, here is where things become hilarious. Every 10 minutes she went up to a guest and told her full story while displaying her injury by lifting her skirt. She did it so often that her father-in-law figured out that she must have a drink in her hand all the time to stop the madness. However, she got drunk even more!

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“Fast forward to the wedding reception, the bride becomes phenomenally intoxicated once again. Every 10 minutes or so she runs into a guest and feels the need to retell the story, complete with lifting her dress to show off the wound. It got so bad that her new father-in-law figures out that keeping a drink in her hand at all times was the key to keeping the skirt down because lifting it up required both hands. She got even drunker.”

What added to the bride’s misery was the cash bar present at the reception. People ran out of cash after spending too much which resulted in very few donations to the honeymoon jar. This upset the bride even more and guess what? She ended up having more alcohol. She finally passed out in her room with the bridesmaids trying to unbutton her dress quickly, so that they could all get some sleep.


 “The last I saw her (the bride) that night was while passing by her room to my own. She was completely passed out on the bed, and her bridesmaids were unbuttoning the 100+ buttons along the back of her dress so they could all go to sleep.”

Not exactly the way she had planned, but her wedding was one which she will remember for a lifetime!

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