Brazilian Mom Wins Hearts For Narrating A Soccer Match To Her Blind Son

Watching any kind of sport on TV is enjoyable. You can adjust the volume according to your will. You can stack up any amount of food that you want to eat within 60 minutes. But watching it in the stadium with thousands of people has a different kind of energy.

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Given how 12-year-old Nickollas is a fan of football, he loves to experience it from the stands. However, since he’s blind, one might wonder how he figures what’s going out without the commentary. Well, don’t worry because he doesn’t miss out on anything thanks to his mother.

According to Indian Express, Silvia Grecco from Brazil recently became a national celebrity after she was spotted narrating her local team’s soccer matches to her blind and autistic son, Nickollas.

English translation:

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“Always a lot of emotion.”

Grecco and Nickollas are huge supporters of the Sau Paulo based team, Palmeiras. So, they regularly attend their matches and Grecco narrates what’s happening on the field in great detail. She said,

“I describe details: this player is wearing short sleeves, the color of their football boots, hair color. My narrating is something of my emotions. I’m not a professional. Everything I see and feel, I tell him, even when I need to curse the referee!”

Funnily enough, Nickollas’ father and sister support other teams. But Grecco took the help of Brazil’s very own Neymar to tip the scales in her favour. She said,

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“Neymar lifted him on his shoulders and he passed his hand through Neymar’s hair, it was a big moment! So I asked Neymar what team he used to support as a child, and he said he was a Palmeiras fan! So I said ‘Do you see, Nickollas? Your mother, your player … I think your team should be Palmeiras.'”

Grecco and Nickollas’ energy is truly infectious and their camaraderie is motivational for everyone who think that they don’t fit into our society because of their disabilities. More power to both of them and let’s hope their favourite team goes on a winning streak to keep those smiles intact.

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