Desis Slam Amazon, Myntra For Packing Small Items In Large Boxes & Creating Wastage

Nowadays, many brands are making conscious efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle. From rejecting the use of plastic to selling more sustainable products, it is good to see these brands taking small steps to run a more eco-friendly business.

However, recently people have been calling out major e-commerce brands like Myntra and Amazon for overpackaging for small items. A woman shared a picture on Twitter of 9 Myntra boxes and claimed how they contained 9 small teacups.

Similarly, many others shared pictures of large boxes and plastic packaging they received from online shopping sites that contained way smaller items. Have a look:

While there were several people who criticised these brands for creating wastage, a guy who works in manufacturing and shipment of breakable items shared why the brands do it:

According to a report by Forbes, e-commerce packaging waste is becoming a bigger issue by the day for the environment. Much of this packaging waste is dumped into the ocean. According to the United Nations, there will be more plastic waste than fish in the ocean by 2050.

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However, small steps like reducing packaging by 20% goes a long way. And as consumers, we can always reduce our consumption from online stores. For example, instead of ordering a bottle of shampoo online, why not visit a local store and buy it?

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