“Har Jagah Camera Leke Ghus Jaate Ho” Boy Rants About Parents Filming Their Kids 24×7

Start scrolling your social media feed and you tend to find scores of reels made on and by little kids. We understand that some of them like performing for the camera and are doing really well too. But some are also pestered to stay on the camera just for likes and followers by their parents.

A little boy named Molik Jain is also done staying in front of the camera 24×7.

He was so done being captured everywhere that the next time his parents started filming him, he vent it out loud and clear. In a video that’s now gone viral, Molik is seen venting his frustrations by telling his dad to not film him everywhere.

The moment his dad starts filming him having sugarcane juice, he screams, “Yaar kya hai yaar aapko? Matlab main kuch khata hun, peeta hun, har jagah aap camera leke ghus jaate ho. Mai kal potty ja raha tha tab bhi aap camera leke ghus gae. Har cheez main. Matlab kuch karne hi nahi dete.”

An annoyed Molik adds, “Aur, yeh mere sath nahi, har bachhe ke sath hota hai. Har bachhe ke maa-baap chahte hai ki vo influencer bane. Puri zindagi is camere me hi ghusa rahu main. Din bhar, video, video, video!”

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His parents were taken aback by his sudden outburst and asked him whether he was drinking ganne ka juice or something else. Towards the end of the video, Molik is seen politely telling his dad to switch off his camera.



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This is what people online thought of the kid’s legit rant.

Scripted or not, this kid is surely a class actor.

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