2 Boys Put Band-Aids On Injured Puppy, People Online Call Them ‘Kings Of India’

Children have the kindest hearts, especially those who grow up with animals around them. They are more compassionate and sympathetic, understanding the suffering of those who cannot speak.

The best example for this are these two boys who are seen giving first-aid to an injured puppy. The puppy is seen sitting on the lap of one boy while he applies band-aids to the dressing covering up the injury. The other boy sits beside him and looks on.

Image source

A picture of the three has gone viral on the internet. While we cannot guarantee the exact location of the picture, the user who posted the picture, which seems to have first appeared in June, called them “Indian Kings”. Have a look:

People on the internet took to the comment section to write how this is the true spirit of India. Many lauded the kids for their kindness and humanity.

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We hope more people are inspired by the gesture of the two boys and practice love, compassion, and empathy towards animals!

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