Gurgaon Man’s Unusual Valentine’s Day Plan, Offers Himself As ‘Boyfriend On Rent’

Problems of a single, millennial woman – watch other couples do couple-y things the whole of February because it’s Valentine’s Day. I compensate for my lack of Valentine by being my own Valentine. I gift myself flowers and gifts and feel like a very strong, independent woman. But I too, unashamedly wish I had someone to do all these cheesy things with, no matter how overrated they are.

If you have never had anyone to celebrate the over-rated Valentine’s Day with, then fret not, your misery has my company. And if you too wished you had someone then I have good news for you!

Shakul Gupta, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Gurgaon, has just announced his list of ‘boyfriend on rent’ services that he is willing to provide single girls with, this Valentine’s Day.

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He posted on Facebook an elaborate description of everything he has to offer, what he is willing to do and what he will not do with you on the D-day.

VALENTINE'S DAY BOYFRIEND RENTAL 00:00 – 23:59 14th Feb 2018 Package 1:Holding hands & putting arm around the…

Posted by Shakul on 10 ಫೆಬ್ರವರಿ 2018

From being your model to try makeup on to pretending to be gay just to make you laugh, this guy is all out there for you. Isn’t it amazing? To top it all, he has a promo code you can use to avail a 20% discount too!

However, if your criteria for a perfect Valentine date is someone who can defend you from cockroaches or talk fashion with you, then Shakul might not be suitable for you. He clearly said he won’t do all of that in his Facebook post.

Hilarious, right? But this isn’t the first Shakul has done something like this. Last year, i.e. for Valentine’s Day 2017, he offered to take his date to a 5-star dinner, a ride in his Audi and an iPhone 7. He even got the crowd to fund his dinner date!

This guy undoubtedly has really high self-confidence and self-esteem. And why shouldn’t he, he got to take 5 pretty women for a V-day date last year. So I’m pretty sure he’ll pull it off this year too.

Meanwhile, I’ll go get myself some fancy chocolates as the D-day approaches.