Woman Seeks Advice On How To Make BF Comfy Who’s Moving In With Her, Guys Online Respond

Moving in with a person is always something that would make anyone nervous. There are many things that women don’t know about men and vice-versa and only discover surprising things once they start living together. For example, I didn’t know my husband spends over 45 minutes in the bathroom and can literally survive on bread all day until we started sharing a space.

It’s the same the other way round as well! My husband never knew about scented candles and aromatherapy before I came into his life. Neither did he know that face towels and bath towels should be separate. He was also pleasantly surprised when I was ordering a 2-pound cake for absolutely no reason at all.

Similarly, one woman took to Reddit to share how her boyfriend will be moving in with her soon and sought advice on how to make things more comfortable for him.

My boyfriend is moving in with me soon, what can I do to make it more comfy for him as a guy that I might not think of? from AskMen

And then, several guys took to the comment section to share solid pieces of advice. Have a look:

Here’s the thing, guys like to be left alone at times.

Just ask about his needs and what he would like to have around.

Create more space for his things.

Respect his boundaries.

You two might have different eating habits.

Ladies, calm down with the pillows!

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Sometimes, a beautiful home is built with a lot of compromises and sacrifices.

Don’t make him feel like a guest in your home.

Don’t go all out on the decorations.

Ask him about household chores.

Give him a certain space in the house where he can be himself.

Let him be in the toilet.

He needs space for his collectables too!

Get 2 single blankets.

If you’re a guy reading this, do you have anything to add to the list?

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