17 YO Boy Raped In A Rajasthan Public Toilet, Narrates Horrific Incident On Twitter

The increasing number of reported cases of rape that make the headlines reflect the gravity of the situation in India. And apparently, it is not just women that fall prey to these monsters. A 17-year-old boy hailing from Rajasthan recently took to twitter to share his horrifying experience after he was ‘RAPED’ in a public washroom. The boy alleged that two masked men raped him in broad daylight and his pleas went unheard by the people present in the public toilet.

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The boy shared his story in multiple tweets-




The tormented boy was shocked to see the people around being unaffected by his cries. He went on saying how his city has disappointed him. “But the lesson I have learnt is that even being a boy I wasn’t safe.”



He confided with the Twitter-verse that he was hesitant to speak to his parents about the incident.



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The boy was in an utter state of shock and voiced his reluctance to file a police complaint. He seemed dejected and wondered if he would be able to live his life the way he’d intended to prior to the crime.


People on social media were moved by his horrifying experience and supported him with heartfelt messages:

The boy was overwhelmed by the support he received online. He soon shared an update on the situation revealing the fact that he’d sought medical care. He also thanked netizens for their concern.

This is so disturbing. On one hand, we talk about becoming a super-power and on the other, citizens in the country struggle to find a place they feel safe in. We really hope this situation changes and the rapists are put behind bars at the earliest.

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