Boy Raped 18 YO Girl While She Was Dying Of Drug Overdose, Sent Semi-Naked Pics To Friends

It seems with every passing day, the world is becoming darker, more cruel and inhumane. A little bit of humanity is lost every time we hear of the gruesome crimes that take place. Like the case of Ankit Saxena, a young man murdered by the family of the girl he loved. Why? Because they were from different religions. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

In a horrific incident in Washington state, Brian Varela, a 19-year-old boy has been arrested for allegedly raping an 18-year-old girl and sending semi-naked photos of her to friends, while she was dying of an opioid overdose.

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According to a report by The Daily Mail and the police report they acquired, the girl, Alyssa Mae Noceda, met Brian at a party in mobile home part in Lynwood. She had recently split with her boyfriend. In Varela’s bedroom, she snorted a long line of prescription painkiller Percocet. She soon passed out after Varela offered her a bit of liquid TCH.

Instead of calling for help or the police, Varela allegedly raped her. According to his friends, he did not even know whether she was alive or dead when he ejaculated in her.

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He took photos of her while she was almost naked. He sent the photos to some of his friends with the message that said,

‘LOL I think she od’d, still breathing.’

He also added a slang for sex and said,

‘I’m smashing her to pass the time.’

He told his friend that he thought of driving her to the emergency ward, but he was “too tired to do so”. So he slept next to her and woke up in the morning to find her dead. Varela showed the body to his roommate. The roommate told the police Noceda looked stiff and had foam around her mouth.

If you think this is disgusting, then there’s more to it.

Even after all this, Varela didn’t once consider calling the police. Instead, he left Noceda dead in his bedroom, locked the door and went to work. He did a double shift at Dairy Queen and boasted about what he was up to, to his co-workers.

He described in elaborate detail how he had broken Noceda’s legs and stuffed her body in a plastic bin. He also said that he planned to bury the body with onions.

On seeing Noceda’s mother’s Facebook post about her missing daughter, Varela’s colleague called the police. The police then went to the mobile home and found her body in a black bin. After he was taken into custody, Varela admitted to having sex with her but claimed that it was consensual even though she was “out of it”.

Moreover, he admitted that he tried to wipe off his DNA from her body. When he saw her mother’s post on Facebook, he used her thumb to unlock her phone, just so he could update her Snapchat and make it seem like she had run away from home.

He dumped the phone in a construction site and researched on how to get rid of a body. The police have now recovered the phone and are scanning its contents. The first court hearing took place on Wednesday and the judge has set the bail at $500,000. He is charged with manslaughter, homicide and second-degree rape.

It is beyond my understanding how people can be so indifferent to someone’s pain. She was dying and he thought it was a joke. He had sex with her in the process and has the audacity to claim it was consensual. He had the chance to call the police, but despite the pain she had already suffered, he thought it was better to break her legs and stuff her in a bin.

The sheer indifference he showed towards human life is appalling, scary and heart-breaking. I hope he is given the most torturous punishment and I hope Noceda’s family and friends can find peace soon, somehow.