4-Year-Old Boy Was Locked In A Room For FOUR Hours For Not Paying Fees On Time. SHAMEFUL!

The education system has been entrusted to provide knowledge to students and give them guidance to follow the right path. However, lately schools have become commercialised with more emphasis given on extracting as much money as they can for the child’s education.

The ugly face of commercial education was exposed when a four-year-old boy was locked in the classroom for close to four hours after unpaid dues.

According to an India Today report, the incident came to light when the child did not return home after school for a long time. The school refused to release the child till dues were paid and the child was only released after his parents and relatives created a ruckus.

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The father of the boy said, that the school threatened him saying that they will not release his child till he comes to pick him up. Upon reaching the school he discovered that his son was kept under lock and key along with 2-4 other students.

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The family of the boy made a formal complaint to the police who rushed to the spot soon after, but the school refused to let go of its stance. A case has been registered against the owner of the school and the principal.

Parents are having a hard time coping with the increasing educational fees to give their child good education and sometimes fall behind on fee payments. The schools which have zero tolerance for this end up unjustly punishing the child and traumatize them, in return.