Delhi Man Kills 7-Year-Old Kid Of Ex-Landlord, Stuffs Body In A Suitcase For 1 Month

The climbing statistics of crime has left us questioning humanity in ways we never thought we would. People have become increasingly paranoid about the safety of their near and dear ones, not trusting anyone even in their immediate vicinity. Despite so many measures taken, we are unable to protect our loved ones as the twisted predators view children as soft targets.

Something similar happened in Delhi when a 7-year-old child was murdered by a 27-year-old man because the child’s parents prohibited him from meeting the man.

As reported by Indian Express, the accused Avdesh Shakya was a tenant for three years in the boy’s house. During this time, he got very close to the parents and would frequently visit their house, even after moving out a few months ago.

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However, the father of the child prohibited him from meeting the accused which resulted in him bearing ill-will against the parents.

Disaster struck a month ago when the boy Ashish visited the accused’s house. DCP (Northwest) Aslam Khan elaborated on the incident and said,

“On January 6, Ashish came to Shakya’s house where he told him that his father has asked him to stay away from him. On this, he got angry and smothered the child with a muffler and stuffed the body in a suitcase.”

The boy’s father Karan Singh had lodged a missing complaint on January 6, 2018, at Swaroop Nagar police station.

The accused who was a UPSC aspirant was arrested on Tuesday morning and he confessed to the crime during interrogation. He revealed that he was planning to dump the body somewhere after which he planned to make a ransom call to the father.

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Police also said that Shakya continued to visit Singh’s house even after committing the crime and also accompanied him when he went to lodge a missing complaint about his boy.

Shakya had stored the body for a month at his rented house. The police have also recovered the decomposed body of the minor. It is also said that when neighbours asked the accused about the foul smell emanating from the house, he told them that it was because of dead rats.

The accused was scared to dump the body as the police were scouring the area in search of the child.

It is gut-wrenching to imagine the plight of the poor parents who only wanted to protect their little one from all the dangers of the world. How can someone be this twisted to take the life of a little boy just because he could not see him anymore? We hope the parents get justice for the murder of their boy.