Boy Helps Disabled Sister Play Basketball, Brings Basket Close To Her So She Can Score


With the world going through such a tough time right now, we all need positivity around us. It makes us sure that while we are in soup, love and kindness will help us get through it all!

Speaking of which, a video of a small boy helping his wheelchair-bound disabled sister play basketball is winning hearts on the internet, reports India Today.

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The boy brings the portable basket close to her disabled sister so she can score a basket. He cheers and claps for her once she puts the ball into the basket. How cute is that?

Watch the video here:

The video has left people on the internet emotional. Many are calling the boy an “awesome brother” and that he has been brought up well. Have a look:

There is nothing more special than a brother-sister relationship. We may fight and drive each other nuts. But at the end of the day, we come through for each other!

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