“Superman Wears Glasses Too” Celebs Console 6-YO Boy Who Was Bullied For Wearing Glasses

How many of you have been called ‘chashmish’ or ‘nerd’ just because you wear glasses? A 6-year-old boy Musa from London was also bullied by his classmates who said that he looked ‘the worst’ when he wears spectacles. After he became hesitant to wear them due to the incessant trolling, his father took to Twitter to ‘ask the world’ of their opinion:

People online showered him with love and confidence so that he doesn’t shy away from wearing his specs again:

  1. From Pooja Bhatt to Derek O’Brien, many celebrities responded to the post:

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2. Other people reminded him of fictional characters and heroes who also wore glasses.

Overwhelmed with all the love and support, Musa thanked everyone for being kind to him in a video message. He also added that he has started wearing glasses again, and doesn’t mind them anymore:

Musa and his mother also appeared on a Pakistani news channel where they expressed their delight and gratitude for all the positive vibes they got from people:

This reminded me to never be ashamed of myself for who I am! What do you think? Tell us.

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