1-YO Feeds Sparrows & Watches Them Eat, Dad Says ‘Better Than Watching Mobile Videos’

I didn’t have access to a computer until my late teens. Hence, a lot of my childhood was spent playing outdoors with other gali ke bacche and most importantly, spending time amidst nature. Now when I look back, it’s fascinating to think how much I got to learn about nature in my free time while potting a new plant with my mom or just cycling around the block watching birds and trees!

Therefore, to see a one-year-old boy feeding sparrows and watching them eat in his free time gave me a lot of joy! Pictures of the little boy spending time amidst the birds were shared by his father on Twitter, reports Times Now.

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“My son, one-year-old, feeding sparrows and watching them feed. Hope the curiosity will stay with him forever,” writes the father.

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Image source

Have a look at his tweet here:

People on the internet loved how the little boy spent time amidst nature rather than sitting indoors and playing games of a smartphone. Many claimed how kids grow up to become compassionate and kind human beings if they grow up amidst animals and birds.

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Kudos to the father for encouraging his child’s curiosity towards nature. This is parenting done right!

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