17-YO Boy Fainted As He Was The Only Guy In An Exam Hall Full Of Female Students

In the majority of the reported cases of sexual harassment against women in the country, it’s often a male who is the culprit. And since these horrifying incidents aren’t ceasing to occur, women in the country often suspect a place and the crowd around them, even in public places.

But, if you think it’s only women who panic to be alone in a crowd full of men then hear this out.

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A class 12 male student from Patna, Bihar, went to an examination hall to take his mathematics examination. But after a couple of minutes of him entering the exam center, he fainted and lost consciousness.

No, it wasn’t because of exam fear. Instead, the 17-year-old guy panicked after seeing a room full of female students and then blacked out, reported Zee News.

The boy, identified as Manish Shankar Prasad, went to the Brilliant Convent School, Sundargarh, to appear for the intermediate exam but found himself to be the only guy among 500 girl students. He was then taken to the nearest hospital where he was given preliminary treatment.

According to his aunt:

“There were more than 500 girls students in the examination center. The school administration has given the seat to my nephew in the main hall of the school surrounded by a large number of girls. Manish failed to handle the situation after seeing a large number of girls and fell unconscious.”

People online were ROFL at knowing what just happened to him.

Some of us women take public transport every day, get stared and ogled at, and sometimes are followed and welcomed with nasty sexual comments but we still manage to return homes on our own damn legs. Makes us wonder how strong men really are!

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