Boy In Tears After Realizing He’ll Move Out One Day & Live Away From ‘Mommy’


As kids, we are foreign to the idea and the struggles of the ‘real world’. The fact that many of us have to leave home someday for education or jobs doesn’t quite register. We all want to stay close to our families for life. So to inform a child on the workings of the world can take an emotional toll on them!

Like this little guy, who was in tears when he got to know that kids move out of their homes, away from their parents, once they grow up. According to the Hindustan Times, his mother took to Instagram to post a video of the incident.

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“Jack (the kid) and I were watching a show on TV, and he asked about why the character doesn’t live at home with his mommy anymore. So I tried to explain to him that people usually move out of their mom’s house when they get older, and this is what followed after that conversation,” the mother wrote.

In the video, the boy is seen crying (all the while holding on to his juice box!) and saying that he doesn’t want to move out and that he wants to stay with his mommy forever. Have a look at the video here:


People on the internet got emotional after watching the video. Many young parents claimed how they’re not ready to have this conversation with their kids. A few others revealed how their kids get anxious thinking about moving out as adults.


Kids are the purest, aren’t they?

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