Video: Little Boy Can’t Stop Crying Happy Tears After Mom Finally Surprises Him With A Puppy


Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. These cute little munchkins brighten our gloomy days with their wet noses and tight cuddles and trust me, there’s never a dull day with them. The internet today is flooded with cute and funny animal videos but we are all heart on this adorable clip of a little boy weeping when his mom surprised him with a pet dog he always wanted.

The video tweeted by Simon BRFC Hopkins opens up with a little boy relaxing on a sofa, glued to a mobile phone, when a lady enters the room with a puppy. On seeing the little doggo, the boy gets emotional and breaks down.

Watch the video here:

Tweeple resonated with the heartmelting video and commented how the boy and the puppy are going to be BFFs.

BRB, I feel as though I got something in my eye. (I’m not crying, you are!)

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