Bhubaneshwar Boy Charges ₹500 To Tweet Old People’s Complaints So Cops Can Resolve Them

Human beings are suckers for convenience and anything which reduces effort and time can become a massive business. Imagine delivery services. There was a time when going to the market to buy monthly groceries was the equivalent to today’s ‘outing’. And today, you sit on your sofa like a ruler, waiting for your facewash to be delivered to you (No, I’m definitely not talking about myself).

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Speaking of businesses, a police official from Bhubaneshwar took to Twitter to narrate an incident where a young boy charged Rs. 500 from an old man for posting his complaint on Twitter so that the police may quickly take note of it.

“Received a complaint on Twitter. Invited the complainant to office. An old man came. Issue resolved. While leaving he told that a young boy in his area tweets for others. Charged Rs. 500 for every resolved issue.”

Read the tweet here:

People on the internet were mind-blown! The fact that the young boy uses the power of the internet to reach out to the police on behalf of the less tech-savvy people and make a business out of it was really something! It is also admirable how the boy charges money only for resolved complaints.

A lot of people on the comment section also pointed out that if police complaints were lodged and resolved more swiftly, then nobody would have to use social media as a tool to get the police to notice their troubles.

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While that may be a valid point, we cannot ignore the fact that social media platforms have been proved to very useful in case of problem-solving. The boy is a genius and an entrepreneur in the making, don’t you think?