Boss Of Mumbai Company Imposes ₹200 Fine For Latecomers, Ends Up Paying ₹1000 Fine Himself

Most offices start from 9-9.30 in the morning. However, there are always going to be a handful of employees who waltz into the office after an hour or two of work hours start. No matter how much you tell them to mend their ways, they find it difficult to abide by the office hours.

Hence, to make sure employees reach office right on time, the founder of a Mumbai-based company imposed a Rs 200 fine for anyone who arrives late for work. The founder, Kaushal, wanted to make sure that everyone reached the office at 9.30 AM as earlier they used to arrive between 10-11 AM. Despite this, it was he who ended up paying Rs 200 fine five different times for arriving late!

He took to X to share, “Last week, To increase the productivity in office, I made a strict rule for everyone to be in the office by 9:30 am (earlier we used to come by 10-11) and if we‘re late, we pay Rs.200 as penalty. This is me paying it for the 5th time.”

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He went on to clarify that his post was not to set an example for other company founders to penalise their employees for arriving to office late. Instead, he wanted to emphasize that rules must be the same for everybody – even bosses.

“I shared that tweet to emphasize an important principle for founders and leaders: if you establish a rule for your employees, you must be the first to follow it.”

He further added that the money collected from the fines would be used for company dinners and other activities.

“As for the concern about paying the penalty to my own UPI wallet, please note that I have created a separate UPI Lite account specifically as a team fund. The money collected is used solely for team activities and benefits, such as dining and other team events.”

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