People Tweet Of Creative Ways To End A Boring Phone Call Amid Lockdown


The one good thing about the lockdown is I no longer have to make excuses to avoid meeting my crazy friends. Although, honestly I miss those idiots now. However, self-quarantine hasn’t stopped them from troubling me via phone and video calls.

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And, the sad part is I have no excuses to hang up on them now. What could I possibly say to cut the call? After all, I have nowhere to go and nothing to do. Not-so-surprisingly several other people around the globe are facing the same problem. Recently, actor-comedian Naomi Ekperigin raised the issue on how to end a boring phone conversation, reports Indian Express.

Have a look at her tweet:


With our favorite excuse “Got to go! Talk to you later”, being invalid in the current situation, people came up with some hilarious alternative suggestions. From saying they have to walk their pets to attending an “online class”, have a look at what people say to end boring  conversations.

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And, one person raised the most important question:

Well, honestly, while I detest being on the phone for so long, it is the only thing keeping me sane these days. How about you? Tell us your excuse to end a boring call.

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