He Was Bored With His Daily Routine And She Lights Up His Life In An Exceptional Way

Perfect people happen to us in the most imperfect ways. 

Love is what we, as human beings, long to receive and to give. And often we have a conflicted relationship with ourselves. We tend to immerse ourselves in the stereotyped routines so much that we often forget to be happy and love ourselves. Mostly, this leads to a dull and crappy mood.

In this video by Some Like It Short, Namit Das is fed up from his life. He feels low and depressed in spite of the festive mood around him. But soon enough, his colleague, Monali Thakur joins him and cheers him up with her exceptional singing. The exuberance around her is so infectious that Namit feels elated and happy from within!

Truly beautiful!

P.S: Monali Thakur sings exceptionally well!