10 Blissful Moments Only A Book Lover Can Experience

People who love to read books are the ones who dare to escape into a new world and have the courage to come back to reality. Every time you read a book you take a trip to heaven. There are those days when you just want to cut off from the world and spend quality time with your books.

Here are those 10 blissful moments every avid reader will relate to.

1. The longingness to go back to your home or that perfect spot where you can read again

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2. Nothing is more refreshing than the smell of a book, old or new

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3. The joy of learning something new, about an entire different world

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4. Reading a book is like hibernation mode: Takes you away from all the chaos

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5. Before you go to bed you are like “Just one more chapter…”

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6. It is your favorite hobby and your friends are exasperated about it

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And anyway it’s not a hobby; Reading is a full time job.

7. You often see yourself as someone with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), simply because you are too much into the character

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8. You love when there is a heartbreak in the book, because the story is just about to get serious

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..or you hate when your favorite character dies, since you created multiple scenarios in your head

9. The delight of being all by yourself, but never being alone

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10. Once you are done; you never know if it was your best, because the best is yet to come

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