Listen Up, Bollywood! Netizens Are Calling Out Your Stereotypes Through Memes

When good writers are assigned to create the base of a movie, they come up with stories that are compelling and engaging. And they populate those stories with characters who are original, relatable, complex, and most importantly, feel real.

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However, movie studios often hire writers who aren’t as skilled at doing any of those things. But since they want to get that paycheck at the end of the day, they finish their script by resorting to stereotypes that’s been passed on through generations.

Now, while the general audience might not notice these dated stereotypes, there are some eagle-eyed souls out there who can. In this case it was Twitter user @_roryturnbull who got the ball rolling.

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Indians soon caught a whiff of this trend and took Bollywood for a ride for stereotyping various communities and professions. Here are the best ones:

Stories, in cinematic or literary format, needs to evolve and the only way to do so is by putting a lot of thought into what we’re crafting. Generalising various sections of the society will only take us so far. However, understanding what makes us human and incorporating those aspects into fiction will make for good art.

That said, which of these stereotypes have you noticed? Or are there any that the internet has missed? Sound off in the comments.

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