We Added ‘Bollywood Tadka’ To These 15 Everday Phrases And They’re Full Of Humour

Isn’t it kind of cute that we use Bollywood references in daily lives like a pro and at times without even realising it start humming a Bollywood song? Well, being a filmy kid, I can’t help but Bollywood-ify situations. You must have chanced upon the lyrical definition of One Night Stand – Lag ja gale ki phir yeh haseen raat ho na ho, shayad fir is janam mulaqat ho na ho.

Now, that made the creative juices flowing and here are more such lyrical definitions that kind of stand as an explanation of phrases and well, terms. Have a dekko.

1. Dosti, retro style.


2. Searching for anything was never this easy.


3. Dum maro dum, mit jaaye ghum.


4. But the journey doesn’t seem to end.


5. True story of most actresses.


6. Any day better than selling your kidney.


7. All those in favour say, ‘aye’!


8. Whenever I open my wallet I cry. #Demonetisation


9. Let’s get this party started.


10. The butterfly effect!


11. Atithi, tum kab jaaoge?


12. Friendzoned deep?


13. One way street for hopeless lovers.


14. Me: Every time I wash my hair.


15. Can neither stay with you or without you.

Relatable much?

Poster Courtesy: Sachin Kaushik

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