Quiz: Can You Guess These Bollywood Songs From 2000s Based On Their Dance Steps?

Bollywood in the 2000s gave us some of the most memorable dance numbers. The choreography of these songs was easy, groovy, and hard to forget. Which is why, even today, many of us remember most of the hook steps from that decade!

So, if you are one such person, guess the name of these Bollywood songs based on one look at their dance step:

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1. Even after so many years, this step is etched in my memory!

2. An all-time favourite disco song!

3. Can't get over SRK & Deepika's moves in this song.

4. Can you guess which song this is?

5. Aishwarya absolutely killed it in this song!

6. Hint: Not 'Mauja Hi Mauja'.

7. Rani Mukerji & Abhishek Bachchan made such a nice pair.

8. You have to know this one!

9. Here's two people preparing for a dance competition.

10. And finally, in which song did Hrithik show off this move?

Pictures source: YouTube.

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