Quiz: Can You Guess The Movies Featuring These On-Screen Sibling Jodis?

Sibling relationships are strangely beautiful. I’d give them a kidney, but they aren’t allowed to borrow my clothes. Or my charger. But truth be told, it is impossible for me to imagine my life without them. So here’s to letting the fights stay and letting the love flourish!

And of course, this classic sibling bond has been showcased in Bollywood movies time and again as part of many unforgettable stories. But how many of them can you identify in this quiz? Let’s find out!

1. When the sibling pair of Ranveer & Priyanka battled it out with their parents.

2. Amrita Puri's character was overprotective of Sushant in this one.

3. Remember when Fawad & Sidharth Malhotra were brothers on-screen?

4. Genelia as the extrovert sister & Prateik Babbar as the introvert brother.

5. From pranks to illegal activities, this duo of SRK-Aish did it all.

6. Karishma Kapoor was on a quest to save her brother in this movie.

7. Based on a real-life sister’s fight for justice for her innocent brother.

8. Respectful yet mischievous, Madhuri & Renuka Shahane nailed it as sisters.

9. Arbaaz Khan played Kajol’s protective brother and guardian, all rolled into one.

10. Divya Dutta’s character character is the supportive sister in this flick.

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